Media/AudioMusic: Tarra Layne “Beautiful Day”

I wrote “Beautiful Day” on a Little Tikes xylophone haha. I wrote the lyrics one day in the car on the way to work (which is where I usually write all my music.. in the car). I love B-day because it’s a song that everyone can relate to and is “happy”! It’s so hard to find happy, sing-a-long songs these days on the radio. Someone told me in Nashville, “I can definitely drink a beer to this.” And of course, that made me smile :). I want to write that kind of music. I want people to be able to have fun listening and for the rest, really be touched by my art. Isn’t that why us musicians do what we do? It is my most commercial song but, I am super proud of it and the crowds loves it! It’s a summer-lovin’, seize the day, diddy, and I can’t wait to write more.

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