Media/AudioNewMusic: Supernatural By Una De Luna
Why did the group choose this song as the single?
– We chose “Supernatural” as the single because its the song that most represented what we want to sound like.
We usually have many elements to our songs, some unusual instruments. Supernatural has it all. The groovy bass line
the sexy surf guitar even the sitar which has become somewhat of a staple in our sound. But, beyond all that, it simply has a big chorus,
haunting lyrics and a groovy beat you want to move to.


What was the writing process?
I wrote the music and the lyrics to this one… I being Marla. I write on my lap top with logic and a keyboard. This song took awhile, several
months. I really tried to go outside of my usual style of writing. I like a sense of humor somewhere between trip hop and cabaret. I did not do
that with Supernatural… at least I don’t think I did. I think this song has more pop elements than what I have done in the past.
What does the song mean to the group?
The song lyrically means different things to different people. For me its personal, but there are definite romantic, relationship gone wrong, overtones.
I think to the group it means we are always moving forward and still having fun. We are always trying new things and not trapping ourselves in one single style though we always sound like Una de luna, we are not afraid to experiment with new sounds.

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