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Why did you select this song as your current single?

We chose “Something Amazing” as the first single because the title itself explains this last year. Every thing we have accomplished from performing at Baseball Stadiums to singing at the Ohio State Fair, has been amazing. My fans also had something to do with this song being the first single. I like to involve as many people as possible, so I asked the fans what they thought. The song with the most responses was “Something Amazing.” This song also fits the idea of hope, and is why I partnered with the American Lung Association for a fundraiser. Proceeds from the downloads of this song will go to help support the ALA. Everyone can download it off, under the store tab.

How this single relate to the rest of the Album?

Something Amazing is the title track and first song on the album. We wanted the album to have a positive outlook, and this song just screams happy.

What was the writing process for the song?

Usually, when I write a song I am in a room with one or two other writers. We sit there and pound our heads against the wall until we come up with a song. This song was written on a plane ride. Once verse was written on the way to Texas, but the hook of the song did not come until on the way to Nashville from Midland, Texas. My co-writer Race Godson came up with the idea. Race and I did a few shows around the area. As we left Texas, we sat down and the first words he said was “this trip has been something amazing. Let’s call the song “Something Amazing.” I thought he was joking, but he was serious. So, an hour or so later we had the song written. We did not put music to it until the studio, but the writing process was different than normal. I am very blessed to have the co-writers I do on my album.

What it would be like to see you in person performing this song?

This song is much like my others songs when I sing them, happy and energetic. I try to look at every person in the audience at least once to make them feel apart of the show. I even bring up fans a few times during the show to help me sing a song. It is the funniest thing to see kids about 5 or so, stop being shy and sing (or scream) into the microphone my song. I actually have a few videos of this online, on YouTube.

If there is a video for the song, please explain the concept?

There is not a video currently. We are trying to get funding for that now. I was thinking it would be cool to video the concerts we do for the American Lung Association in the Midstates and make a video that way.

Upcoming Show Dates:
Very Saturday in Dec I am a featured Artist at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN 7-8pm.
December 7th I will be in the Nashville Christmas Parade on the American Lung Associations Float.
We are off tour until next year. We have a few dates posted, but will have the rest of the tour dates posted in the middle of Dec.

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