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Who knows your music better than you? your die hard fans. These are the people you need to help you make it to the top. All they want is for you to succeed. check out the article below written by in 2009 about putting your fans to work.

You know those loyal few people who are in the front row every time you perform?

You know those people that sat down to write you an email to say how much they love your music?

You know that guy that said, “Hey if you ever need anything – just ask!”

Put them to work!

Often, people who reach out like that are looking for a connection in this world. Looking for a higher cause. They want to feel they have some other purpose than their stupid accounting job.

You may be the best thing in their life.

You can break someone out of their drab life as an assistant sales rep for a manufacturing company. You might be the coolest thing that ever happened to a teenager going through an unpopular phase. You can give them a mission!

If they’re a fan of your music, invite them over for pizza to spend a night doing a mailing to colleges. Go hit the town together, putting concert fliers on telephone poles. Have them drive a van full of friends to your gig an hour away. Have the guts to ask that “email fan” if she’d be into going through the Indie Contact Bible and sending your press kit to 20 magazines a week.

Soon you can send them out on their own, to spread the gospel message of your amazing music, one promo project at a time. Eventually, as you grow, these people can be the head of “street teams” of 20 people in a city that go promote you like mad each time you have a concert or a new CD.

Those of us busy busy people may think, “How could ANYone do this boring work?” But there are plenty of people out there with time on their hands that want to spend it on something besides TV.

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