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MindTigallo brings us Music Tourist, Vol. 1

Ivan Paulo Goba, known best known as MindTigallo, is a Mozambican singer, rapper, producer, model, and fashion designer. In 2018, he signed a record deal with rising Nigerian Record label Plugg Records. After signing, the multi-hyphenate talent rose to prominence in his country of Mozambique with the release of the song “Bonnie & Clyde”, which appeared on #1 iTunes NIGERIA […]Read More

Artist Interview: Embrace Me by Rapper Big Will – Los

Rapper Big Will AKA Willie Of Wilshire is an upcoming MC hailing from Downtown Los Angeles California. He has been rhyming and writing music since a young age and is currently working on his upcoming Album deep within the Space Camp laboratories of Area 51. Born from Guatemalan and El Salvadorean immigrant parents and raised […]Read More