Month: March 2012

Chart Beats by Keith Caulfield, L.A. of

Artists in this Article Lionel Richie Madonna Madonna‘s 12th studio album, “MDNA,” is on course to easily debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart next week. Industry sources suggest the set could sell between 300,000 to 350,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, April 1. If “MDNA” lands atop […]Read More

Album Review: One by These Lions – Pittsburgh, PA

ARTIST: These Lions Album: “One” Reviewer: Jaysen Gold Score: 4 out of 5 Tracklist for “One” is as follows: 1- Floating 2- Drift Away 3- So High 4- Say Goodbye 5- They’ll Sing 6- Dead 7- Graveyard Waltz If the hipster movement has sounds, These Lions is the band that brings them all together and […]Read More

Music: Feel by These Lions

ARTIST COMMENT: -Why did you choose Feel as a single? We actually wrote this song at the tail end our first album, “One.” As a band, we decided at that point that it would be on the second album, but were really excited about it and knew it would be the first single. Very seldom […]Read More

Black Star by Slim Shakes (International Submission)

ARTIST COMMENT: WHY I WROTE THE SONG The lyrics to the song came to me one midnight when I was finding it hard to sleep and thus inspired to write….Black Star is an everyday inspiration song. Much as it might appear biased towards The Ghana National Football (Black Stars) Team, a careful listen to the […]Read More

Editorial: Think Global & Listen Local Blog By Rob K.

“Is pop music too complex? Music’s deviation from its natural progression (Part 1)” Today, on the Think Global & Listen Local Blog, I want to discuss the increasing complexity of pop music. The first installment of a multiple-part expose that will highlight “the deviation from the natural progress of pop.” In today section, I will […]Read More

Music: M.A.C. Cartel Present’s: Ray Ray – Single Lyfe

ARTIST COMMENT: PROJECT!!! Single Lyfe came about because my ex was getting on my nerves at the time…I devote my whole life and sacrifice everything when it comes to music and that included some of her time…Coming in late night from a show didn’t help either lol…Any chance I get to network and promote M.A.C. […]Read More

Editorial: Think Global & Listen Local Blog by Rob K.

Welcome to the Think Global & Listen Local Blog First, I would like to thank Michael Palmer, a long-time friend of mine and founder of, for the opportunity to voice my opinions on a wide range of topics related to music, movies, politics, sports and life. Now down to business… I am Rob K […]Read More

Music: She’s a Winner by Youngpilots

ARTIST COMMENT: I wrote “She’s A Winner” strictly off of the beat its self at first, but after I got into the verses I really realized its about my actual girlfriend , who then I was still trying to date while writing this song. Actually it’s funny this is my first RnB heavy sided song […]Read More