Month: June 2013

SCtv: New Fashion Correspondent Olga Maria

SCtv introduces OLGA MARIA CZARKOWSKI, Founder / CEO of Dreams in Heels PR. A Public Relations Boutique Firm based in NYC. Olga is the new SCtv Correspondent for Fashion, Beauty & Philanthropy. “FASHION with a CONSCIENCE”. Catch Olga on the next SCtv as she lets us know WHAT’S HOT, WHAT’S NEW & WHAT’S YOU in […]Read More

Music: Livin Life Fast by Unsigned Artist Rico Parks –

iMoveiLive Comment: Rico Parks is the first artist to step into our Artist Development Program. Rico is an independent unsigned artist out of Pittsburgh, PA. He has been rapping for years and finally started to take it serious in 2010. Since then he has been recording and not releasing anything to develop his skills. Now […]Read More

Music News: Big Chart Week for HipHop Music

iMoveiLive Comments: This week was one the biggest of the year for 1st week sales and one of the biggest for hiphop music in awhile. Thanks to Kanye West, J. Cole and Mac Miller hiphop might be back even just for a week.  HipHop has failed lately because the soul in the music has been […]Read More

ENT News: Paula Deen, “I is what I is”

iMoveiLive Comment: When the story first  broke about what Paula Deen had said about black people, I thought hmmm, I know people that have said worst. So why are everyone in such an uproar, until I heard the apology. When we make a mistake, the goal is to never make that mistake again and to […]Read More

Music: Day Dream by Aaron Lyrd – Harrisburg, PA

ARTIST COMMENT: Emerging artist Aaron Lyrd Why did you select “Day Dream” as your single? I selected “Day Dreams” as my current single, due to that it is presently my best selling song on iTunes. This is despite that it is newly released. It also has had the highest rate of getting selected to be […]Read More

Editorial: The 27 Club

The 27 Club Dale Y the Green Guy The history of music is replete with myths, rumors, scandals and substance use that makes it, on the one hand so appealing, and on the other hand, so deadly. It is with a combination of all these factors involved that we come to the 27 Club. The […]Read More

ENT News: Soprano’s star James Gandolfini dead at 51

James Gandolfini , whose portrayal of a brutal, emotionally delicate mob boss in HBO’s “The Sopranos” helped create one of TV’s greatest drama series and turned the mobster stereotype on its head, died Wednesday in Italy. He was 51. In a statement, the cable channel, and Gandolfini’s managers Mark Armstrong and Nancy Sanders, said he […]Read More

Musc News: Diddy’s Revolt TV, coming this fall!

The man known as P. Diddy Combs has secured a deal with Time Warner Cable and Comcast Cable to bring his Revolt Music Channel to a TV near you this fall. In a brief statement, Combs said, “This is a landmark distribution deal that demonstrates Time Warner Cable’s commitment to bringing a platform for music […]Read More

The Intro: Venus on Fire – Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to “The Intro,” a new show by iMoveiLive Online Music Magazine. The concept is to introduce music lovers to fast raising talent outside of our typical Pittsburgh, PA focus area. This Intro is a cooperation between Sonicbids and iMoveiLive Online Music Magazine. On this episode we speak with Venus on Fire. Venus On Fire […]Read More