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American Idol is running on fuels lately and has made some big changes to help bring back the luster. But before hitting these low marks, American Idol was creating stars by the second. One of those stars was Clay Aiken who was a runner up in 2003, has announced that he will be making a run for Congress.  Much like his days on American Idol Clay will be putting his future in the hands of the American people that failed his previously.

In the video above Clay takes the time to tell us his story but what stood out is that Clay said he might be a Democrat but for us (America) to solve our problems we must stand together.

Many might ask what Clay Aiken credentials are but he went on to talk about his up brining and some of the challenges he faced as a poor American.

According to The singer is running against Renee Ellmers, the incumbent Republican Congresswoman who he chastises in the video for voting for military cuts and the 2013 government shutdown. Ellmers’ district, which includes the capital city of Raleigh, was controlled by Democrats until 2010, but voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.

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