Month: April 2014

Music: Wherever You Go by Nancee – London

Great new feature from rising star Nancee. Ghana meets Germany meets the USA meets the UK – that’s Nancee in short. Jumping from one continent to the next, this songstress discovered her passion for music at a young age and started writing songs in her early teens. ​She nurtured her gifts in high school productions, […]Read More

The Prez 7 at 7 Ep. 4

The Prez 7 at 7 Underground Hip Hop Show that covers up and coming artists. This episode includes interviews from Palermo Stone the Pittsburgh Stand-out. Palermo Stone has been featured in the Pittsburgh City Paper,,, and many other online publications. We got a chance to capture a sitdown with the CEO of R.A.R.E. […]Read More

Music Advice: How to Market and Promote Hip-Hop

Via: By: Wendy Day As you promote your image to the masses to gain awareness, it’s important that your message is clear, concise, and easy to understand. A flyer with 20 things crowded on it, and no empty space for the eye to rest, is a waste. Having things mis-spelled or grammatically incorrect is […]Read More

Music News: Beats Music’s Struggles

Beats Music joined the digital music revolution about 100 days back looking to take over and revolutionize this industry much like it did with the headphones.  Unlike the headphone industry at the time there is more than one major player in this industry. In light of this Beats got many investors excited and garner over […]Read More

The Intro: Reverse Order – New Jersey

Welcome to “The Intro,” a new show by iMoveiLive Online Music Magazine. The concept is to introduce music lovers to fast raising talent outside of our typical Pittsburgh, PA focus area. On this episode we speak with Reverse Order a Pop/Rock band from New Jersey. Reverse Order is a dynamic pop rock band that combines […]Read More

Music: Shut it Down by Marshayé – Los Angeles, CA

Marshayé Nicole Miller, a singer, rapper and actress is the princess of Freestyle Records Inc. it.  The young beautiful 5’-9” phenomenal statuette is a talented performer.  When she walks into a room, she has a style and presence that captivates the eyes of all of those who she encounters; leaving people with a profound impression. […]Read More