Month: December 2014

Music Advice: What to Look for When Choosing a Digital

Via: Music Think Tank Selling your music on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and the like USED to be something only a couple of companies could do. But today with the growth of the digital era, hundreds of digital distribution companies exist that will try to get your business. It’s important as an artist or record label […]Read More

Music News: Warner Music Group Becomes Founding Partner of YouTube

Via: Warner Music Group’s 2014 has been bookended with forward-thinking partnerships. In February, they collaborated with song identification service Shazam, which allowed the major label access to Shazam’s data to find and sign promising artists; making a digital push in China by acquiring entertainment company Gold Typhoon Group and partnering with Tencent Holdings Inc., one of […]Read More

Music Licensing: Songs Needed for a Popular Reality Television Show

Courtesy of All Genre Accepted Payout:  Varies Prominent reality television production company is seeking songs for a popular show on its network. The show is about the lives of 8 individuals that are staying together in the same home for the summer. It will feature them hanging out, going crazy, and experiencing dramatic and unforgettable events together […]Read More

Music Licensing: Songs Needed for Scenes in a Comedy Film

Courtesy of All Genre Accepted Payout:  Large Songs are needed for several scenes in an upcoming feature film.When a beautiful girl moves into a mundane neighborhood in a new town, her charm and wits quickly make her the center of attention in the small town community. This comedy is fast-paced and will have many humorous scenes where […]Read More

Editorial: Music Classes Boost Language Skills, Study Says

by: Robert Preidt Greater participation in music classes may benefit children’s language development, a new study finds. Researchers followed kids in the nonprofit Harmony Project, which provides music education and instruments to poor children in Los Angeles. Over two years, children who actively participated in the classes showed larger improvements in how the brain processes […]Read More

News: Two Officers Assassinated by BFG Member

by Michael Palmer I am outraged by the killing of the two Brooklyn, NY police officers on Saturday December 20, 2014 and I am very disappointed by the comments I have read online since these slayings. As a black man, I am even more disappointed these slayings were by a black man. After the Eric […]Read More

Music News: Music Messenger

So, who out there likes to listen to music and message people at the same time? Well, the guys at Music Messenger thought that was a great idea and created the simple app to send music and communicate with other on the App.  The new App has over 1 million downloads and is now being […]Read More

Music News: How Apple Shook Up the Music Industry in

Via: by Andrew Hampp Who shook up music the most in 2014? Sorry, Taylor. Nice try, Queen Bey. Apple’s Sept. 9 press conference that unveiled the iPhone 6 was the year’s — maybe even the ­decade’s — watershed moment. In one presentation, the company went all in on streaming, hinted at the album’s future alongside […]Read More

Music: Maw Maw Why Her by Craig James

At only 14 years of age, Craig James is inspiring his fans with the wisdom and talent of an old soul. This single, co-written and produced by Arden Lo (Jamie Foxx, Coolio, Ice T, D.J. Quick, Eddie Griffin,) is a heartfelt ode to his late grandmother, who passed away from breast cancer when Craig was […]Read More

Music: Set Yourself Free by Mighty Soundscape – New York,

The Mighty Soundscape Project is the creation of songwriter Michael Zarucki. Although Michael has been composing and writing since a young age, it was only when he reached his mid-twenties during his time at Berklee College of Music that he was able to finally finish the bard’s journey and cement his own unique sound. That […]Read More