Month: November 2016

Music: I’ve Been Meaning To Call by Adam Sanders

Recently released  by Adam Sanders, “I’ve Been Meaning To Call” is described by the artist himself  “‘I’ve Been Meaning To Call’ was inspired by my relationship with my mom. The story is super personal to me and I think in this day and age the world needs to hear the message. More than anything, I […]Read More


Nowadays nightclubs are flooded by deejays acts. What about the other genre such as live singing that has been diminished since many years. Unless you get a hit song, chances are low to feature a night event. But Alexi Armandsen seems to have the answer with his “Armandsen Live Vocal Remix Show, creating better sound […]Read More


New Gospel Artist Marquis Cook releases new single “Far” from his new album. Check out his process in making this amazing new song. Why did you select this song as your current single? I selected “Far” as my first single because it was an honest reflection of my human experience. There are times when there is […]Read More

Music: This Song by Noemi Smorra

How easily we judge someone we don’t even know? That’s the main topic of “This song” music video with Noemi Smorra. Shot in Berlin by multi-awarded filmmaker Livia Alcalde, it explores a day in the lives of Raphael and Frederica. Their condition is not revealed until half of the video, showing to the spectators how […]Read More

Music: Ain’s Shit by ItsBizKit ft. PnB Rock

ItsBizKit and Z turn to Queens, NY native MonE Yukka and Philly rising star PnB Rock for the 2nd single off of their up coming project. The record samples the classic Bad Boy Era Ma$e track, “What You Want”. With the Bad Boy reunion tour coming to an end earlier this month this record certainly […]Read More

Music: I Fall by Taylor Noelle

Taylor Noelle is a 20-year-old pop singer/songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles. She moved to Nashville a few years ago for her senior year of high school. She immediately loved the city so much that she decided to stay in the area for college, and began school at Belmont University to study music business. […]Read More

Album Listen: The Grand Time by Color You

Color You is an alternative rock band with roots from Northern Alabama/Southern California and currently residing in Los Angeles. The band was formed as it is now in 2013 and consists of Ben Ross (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Brian Han (Vocals/Bass), Theodore Eckhardt (Vocals/Guitar), and Drew Stutz (Drums). Check out their new album called “The Grand Time.” […]Read More

Water Won’t Drown Me

Some artist make it easy; meaning they are simply talented and need to be featured. This is the case of Paleo Sun. They recently released a new single called “Water Won’t Drown Me” and I think this is a smash waiting to be heard by the masses. Why did you select this song as your […]Read More

Album Listen: Monsters by Anybody There

Check out “Monsters’ from Trip Hop group Anybody There.  The duet of trip hop and alternative rock comes from Argentina. Monsters by Anybody There Social Media: Bandcamp: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Soundcloud: Youtube: Songkick: More