Month: May 2018

Other Side of Town by Backgammon

New single Other Side Of Town is the first new material from Backgammon after their eponymous debut album from last year. It sounds a bit more raw, rough and indie than their previous material, with hints of Stereophonics. They’re currently working on their new EP. Backgammon was the 2013 winner of the Dutch Student Band […]Read More

The Preacher Man (Remix) by The Driver Era

THE DRIVER ERA, the much-buzzed about music project from brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch, have made their official Billboard chart debut at #39 on the Alternative Songs chart with their single “Preacher Man”. At over 3 million audio streams and almost 2 million views on the official video, the hit has made waves in the […]Read More

Ranking Jimi Hendrix’s Top 5 Songs

Very few instrumentalists in the history of music can hold a candle to Jimi Hendrix. His combination of intense virtuosity and blues-rock improvisation made sure that the world would never hear the electric guitar in the same way ever again. He pioneered the now-mainstream use of fluidly controlled feedback, distortion, and other effects derived from […]Read More

The Afterimage Release Debut Album, EVE

The Afterimage rejects the idea of limiting their music to any one specific sound. The band strives to create music that is powerful and captivating, taking listeners on a roller coaster ride through waves of different emotions. This is portrayed perfectly on their debut full-length album, EVE. With no resolution in sight, each track creates […]Read More

TANGO by Easy Ruckus

Determined to promote distinct sounds and inspiring artists, Wandering Who Recordings, an independent, grass-roots label from the Golden, British Columbia sent us the new album released called “TANGO”.  This is the debut album from Canadian duo Easy Ruckus. We took a listen to a couple songs off the album before deciding to post and we must say this sound is distinct […]Read More


YUAR is getting ready to release their new track worldwide. We got the opportunity to listen early and guest what, we had to put it up. If you cant wait for more new music, check out their Bandcamp and check out their previous EP Signal. Social Media: Facebook YouTube Bandcamp    Read More

I Wonder by Donegan

Donegan is an eponymous family band: songwriter Thomas sings and plays piano, organ, guitars and synths, with Emmet on guitar, mandolin and vocals and Martin on percussion. The new album and its singles prosper from collaboration with renowned producer Chris Coulter, who recently took Arcane Roots to no. 1 in the UK Indie charts. The […]Read More

Reason or Rhyme by Midnight Mystery Club

We’ve been missing in action but we are back to bring you new music from emerging talent from around the globe. As we have kept it different since this online platform began, we continue to do so with this electric entry from by Midnight Mystery Club bring us their new effort Reason or Rhyme .  This entry from […]Read More