Month: July 2018

Better Days by The Classic Kids

Meet The Classic Kids, a supremely infectious foursome with the most appropriate name. Formed in 2013 in Brooklyn New York, The Classic Kids is comprised of Eric James (Bass/Vocals), Matty Boy (Guitar/Vocals), Max Dean (Guitar) and Mikey G (Drums). The band have quickly been making waves with their authentic and meaningful lyricism and indie pop/ retro rock’n’roll sound.  […]Read More

Move Along by Caroline Grace

LA-based pop singer Caroline Grace is excited to debut her new single, the female empowerment anthem “Move Alone”. The track, co-written and produced by Jason ‘Poo Bear’ Boyd,  which premiered on Billboard and has been racking up a number of positive reviews since. Check it out below and make sure to leave some comments. Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram  […]Read More

Delivery by Zoom and Rectape

Zoom and Rectape – the French producers are proud to present their debut album “Delivery.” Between boom-bap and modern sounds, this opus is a showcase of what has made hip-hop great over the last 20 years. The prestigious guests are top to bottom, from the legendary Masta Ace to the promising Dizzy Senze. In total, twelve artists answered the call including Edo.G, […]Read More

What’s In A Name by Hannah Featherstone

Hannah Featherstone is Franco-British artist. Her voice glides through styles and ranges. Her piano sets a steady groove. Her music blends the catchy riffs of electro pop with the off-beat meanderings of jazz. Born in England and raised for the most part in France, she’s never been able to choose between the two countries and […]Read More

Nice Hair by Gathering of Strangers

As the UK is locked in the embrace of the summer sun sounds to suit its romance are the order of the day. The new single from UK outfit Gathering of Strangers certainly fits the bill with its bouncy antics and flirtation in word and sound. Nice Hair is a slice of pop infused rock with a tease of […]Read More