NewReviewsAlbum Review: Wishbone by Bobby Long – Wiltshire, UK / NYC

Bobby Long Wish BoneArtist: Bobby Long

Album: Wishbone

Album Reviewer: Michael Mariscal

Rating: 4

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In another time, Bobby Long would have been a star. Handsome and talented, his folk/rock style could’ve led to an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.

But times have changed, and though a man and his guitar can still do well in the music industry, lip-synching and auto-tuned pop stars do better.

Still, artists like Bobby Long will always have a place in music. And his latest album, Wishbone, reaffirms the relevancy of his style through pure quality. With a full band behind him, Long delivers an album full of great riffs and lyrics. This is best exemplified in the track Blood in the Orchard. The song features a heavy and exhilarating riff that could go head to head with Jack White’s excellence. The track is anyone’s favorite until they finish it—that is, when they hear the final track To The Light. A perfect closer to the album, the inspiring, uplifting chorus brought more raw emotion out of me than any song had in a long time.

These moments, though excellent in themselves, are balanced out by a larger portion of somewhat mediocre, lackluster tracks. So I give this album a 4. A good album by an artist with a lot of potential. And though this album is over a year old now, Long is currently campaigning for help on his third album. You can contribute at