Get to know Black Rambo as he makes his climb to the top.

Why did you select this song as your single?

I selected this song as my single because I believe in its ability to relate to the streets and club life.

How does this song relate to the rest of the Album?

The single shows how the future album (Thoughts of a Player) will sound as a completed album.

What was the writing process for this song?

My writing process for this song took place in a local strip club. I thought about how everyone was throwing around money to women for nothing and the hook just came to me so I wrote it down.

What does the song lyrics mean to you?

The songs lyric means that I am telling the truth about how I feel about wasting money.

What would it be like to see you perform this song?

Watching me perform this track live would show people how a real artist would bring the energy and swag of a superstar.

Could the fans label you with this song?

Fans wouldn’t be able to label me as an artist from this one song since I’m more complex with deeper songs about life one club song won’t define me.

Is there a video planned?

There is no video planned for this single until later on. I want to see how the song does before shooting a video.

What’s your motivation?

The main motivation behind my music is to give my fans the quality material they deserve and to stay relevant while expressing myself through my music.

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