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By Richard Vine of the Guardian Most clothes come with simple washing instructions – which I’d hazard most men interpret as “pick quickest setting, use same for everything, hope for best”. Raw denim on the other hand comes with much starker diktats. For anyone who’s invested in* (*forked out for) a pair of raw jeans, you’re confronted with a whole new attitude to washing – basically, don’t do it. Take this from Hiut Denim: “Raw denim is best...


Via: jezebel.com After four weeks, four cities, and hundreds of shows, this go-round of fashion month is officially over. The Chanel riot gear has been packed up while Hong Kong riots rage on, and the models hop back to their model apartments to nurse their over-bleached brows and weakened nailbeds. When it was all over, I flipped through the show notes in full, and was bombarded with such a sense of glaring monotony I ended up taking a nap halfway...


Via: NewYorkFashionWeekLive.com Michael Kors is pleased to announce the launch of its ALL ACCESS KORS microsite in anticipation of the Spring 2015 runway show. The immersive digital viewing experience, enhanced and expanded this season, will offer viewers premium access to the runway show being held at Spring Studios in New York City on September 10 at 10 AM (EDT). “I love that we’re able to share the fashion, the energy and the excitement of our...


 PITTSBURGH STYLE WEEK is upon us!!Pittsburgh’s trailblazing fashion icon WADRIA “Style and Steel’ TAYLOR, founder/CEO of Style and Steel events as well as the proclaimed creator of PITTSBURGH STYLE WEEK.Wadria is paving the way for all up and coming designers of all sort and aspiring models. PITTSBURGH STYLE WEEK will run from August 11th through the 17th. Each day action packed with special VIP viewing of fashion and jewelry designers, trunk shows, soiree’s and much more.Don’t...


“VIBRAM” FIVE FINGER MAKERS WILL PAY MILLIONS TO SUCKER WHO BOUGHT THEIR SHOES…Lawsuit now stands at about $3.75 million and growing! If  you own a pair, you can be refunded, if  you have experienced pain or injury wearing these apartus’s you can be advised on the lawsuit. Watch “Huffpost  Live’s” Marc Lamont Hill report: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/#r/archive/segment/fivefingers-maker-will-pay-millions-to-suckers-who-bought-its-shoes/536b9bb678c90a8f43000ad9?cn=tbla


Designer Ralph Lauren is this year’s recipient of the Smithsonian’s James Smithson Bicentennial Medal, honoring his contributions to the preservation of the U.S. flag. Ralph Lauren’s love for the American flag and American style has earned him this honor. On Tuesday, 06/17/14, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton helped present the James Smithson Bicentennial Medal to the designer at the National Museum of American History.


Where do these bold styles begin and end! It is one trippy look after another and sure to have a little something for EVERY woman next summer-spring season. PATTERNBANK BLOG, totally rocks it with these hot looks! They are all must see, you HAVE to check it out: http://blog.patternbank.com/paris-fashion-week-autumnwinter-20142015-print-highlights-part-1/ Fashion Scribes: Graphic Florals, Simple Stylised Pattern, Bold and Oversized, Silhouette Print Effects, Added Layers, Motifs & flowers, Abstract Hands , Graphic Placement..


POPPY DELVEVIGNE, English model, actress and socialite stole the show in this very chic and dreamy floral print from Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label collection. This look can be worn one of two ways, with the draped strap sitting on or off the shoulder. Poppy opted for the former, styling her classic look with nude pumps and a bold red lip. Perhaps a touch sombre for spring, and we do have a preference for Poppy in...


The up and coming Kardashian tribe sibling, is all grow’d up, KENDALL JENNER, 18 now. Check out Kendall as she attended the 2014 MUCH MUSIC Video Awards in Toronto, Canada. Kendall is ultrachic in this FAUSTO PUGLISI, waist-high thigh splits with gold and silver embellishments. Well, of course controversy surrounds the aspiring models dress. She is 18, old enough to move out, and make her own choices; however, the dress exposes her pelvic bones. Sources say, it seems...