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Mighty SoundscapeThe Mighty Soundscape Project is the creation of songwriter Michael Zarucki. Although Michael has been composing and writing since a young age, it was only when he reached his mid-twenties during his time at Berklee College of Music that he was able to finally finish the bard’s journey and cement his own unique sound. That sound is an infusion of heavy rock, blues, and Indie/Alternative rock elements that were drawn from Michael’s Influence like the Black Keys, Jack White, The Deftones, and Radiohead. Add two cups of water, blend those sounds together, and you get a delicious serving of Mighty Soundscape.

Currently, the Mighty Soundscape Project has just completed their debut EP that will be released on December 15th.  This album was completely done independently with the help of Berklee College of Music graduates Sage Griffin (Lead Guitar) and David Van Vorst (Bass Guitar). The Mighty Soundscape band hired Ben McGuinn, a talented producer and resident engineer at Philly Sound Studios to achieve their sonic goals. It was a mutual goal of all involved to not only write hard smashing rock songs along with slow ambient melodic tracks, but to do so while providing our fans a superior sonic experience.  Although the project is only in its infancy stages, it has already gained momentum and attention in the local New York music scene.

The band is currently in rehearsals and preparation to begin promoting the EP through gigs at their home town of New York City and selected North East cities starting February. Check out this quick interview about their current single,” Set Yourself Free”.

Why did you select this song as your current single?

We selected this song because we believe it best represents our style of music. From the start, it was always a mutual goal of all involved in the Mighty Soundscape Project to create tracks that just rock your socks off, and Set Yourself Free does just that. On another note, this track is just fun to perform. We’ve also gotten a lot of positive feedback concerning Set Yourself Free, so we obviously want to please our fans.

How does this single relate to the rest of the E.P?

The E.P begins with Say What You Want, which is a song about love, honesty, and dedication. The E.P continues with Rewind, a song about regret. The next track, Lost & Found is an instrumental track where we tried convey the feeling of rebirth, triumph, and finding yourself again. Set Yourself Free was there to leave the listener with the idea of just letting go of everything that brings them down and escaping the monotony of life. This song is by far the heaviest rock on the E.P too.

What was the writing process for this song?

Michael Zarucki first came up with that simple guitar riff you can hear throughout the verses. The whole song was built on that guitar part. We brought a demo track with us to Philly Sound Studios when we were laying down the Drums, Guitar and Bass. Our Session drummer Carl Bahner took the ideas Michael had for the drums and expanded it on it. So did Sage Griffin the lead guitar player on the E.P, and the same goes for our bass player David Van Vorst. Everybody played a part in the final product. After finishing up all the basic tracks, Michael had a crude idea for lyrics and melody for the track, but were actually only flushed out and finalized a day prior to our next recording session with the help of Michael’s friend Marilisa Wiegand. We knew we wanted a track that embodied the sensation of letting go of everything that hold you back and brings you down. We think Set Yourself Free does just that.

What does this song mean to you?

As the writer of this song, I think that it touches on the history of watching friends and family struggle with drug addiction, trying to escape from the cycles and monotony of a “normal life”, and leaving all of it behind.

What would it be like to watch you perform this song?

I honestly don’t know. The E.P is officially being released a week from today and we have yet to perform this track in front of anyone. When we do start gigging to promote this E.P in the middle of January, we know we will give you an energetic, moving, and powerful performance. Especially with such an explosive track like Set Yourself Free.

Could you summarize who you are as an artist by this song?

I don’t think so. The aim is for the Mighty Soundscape band to be an experience for our listeners and audience. It would be impossible to experience what we have to offer and what represents us with just one song. I think, however, that Set Yourself Free is a good starting point for any new fan who is introduced to our music because of its general appeal.

Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what’s the idea behind the video?

At the moment we plan on shooting music videos for Set Yourself Free and Say What You Want. Both projects are only in pre-production and there is not much information I can give out.

Last question, what is your motivation behind your music?

I think first of all, we as musician just want to go out there and write and play music for people. It’s what we love most. Second of all, we also just want to go out there and rock peoples socks off and share a mutual experience with our fans, audience, and listeners.

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