JoeAlbum imoveiliveWe heard about the Paper Arrows’ Band though our sonicbids completion they entered. The completion they enter was one of the hardest thus far on our end as far as selecting a winner. Many of the acts, well actually all of the acts that enter where very talented, what stood out about Paper Arrows is that we simply got lost in their music. Many of the other artist we were skipping around songs. When we pressed play on Paper Arrows we got lost in the music and then we went back and listened again because we loved it so much. Paper Arrows has had much success thus far which includes placement of their music on MTV to awards won for their music. They deserve all of the success and they have a lot more to come. We will be having an “intro” feature coming up with Paper Arrows but for now we wanted to introduction you to their music first. Check out this quick interview we did with them.

Why did you select this song as your current single?

We picked “Sing It Out” as the single because I thought it was the most upbeat and immediately accessible tune on our new record, Good News for Love.

How does this single relate to the rest of the EP?

The EP, Good News for Love, is about embracing love as a process, not a result.  That includes love of a person, love of an art, love of anything.  Sing It Out is about overcoming obstacles in the name of love.

What was the writing process for the song?

I wrote a pretty extensive blog about writing the song here: In general, I write the tunes (words, music), sit with a producer (in this case, Darren Garvey) to iron out any issues, and then we get in the studio with a band and work an arrangement until it sits… and then build off of that live arrangement.  I was lucky enough on this recording to be joined by Miles Nielsen on bass and Daniel McMahon on guitar (and Darren Garvey on drums), who contributed immensely to the overall sound.  The thing I like most about the song is that it’s three chords: simple, direct, emotional.

What does this song’s lyric mean to you? 

See above and the blog… but in general, I like the poetry of the verse lyrics against the simplicity of the chorus.  I’m posting the full lyrics below at the end of the email.

What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?

I hope it would bring out how closely I’m connected with the lyric and sentiment: it’s very personal for me and I try to live this song in its fullest.

Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?

I think so.  Paper Arrows has encompassed a cycle of songs that has generally been about love… or at least has worked towards love, the sentiment on Good News for Love, and the idea that love is worth fighting for.

Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind the video?

Yes! The concept is a crowdsourced collection of things that have helped fans and friends overcome obstacles.

One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?

What a great question! The motivation is to try to present a story and move people.  To connect genuinely with an idea and convey it in an interesting authentic way.  I hope that if it moves me and I’m being honest, it will move others as well.


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