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Movie Reviewer: Danyale Cross

Rating: 4.5/5

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This Disney movie, portraying the famous and classic Sleeping Beauty, tells an untold story of a powerful fairy who once feel in love, but grew dark and powerful by betrayal. I guess there is two sides to every fairy tale story. Once you watch this movie you will be amazed how lovely and adored Maleficent once was until she turned dark waging war and vengeance on a kingdom of humans. Maleficent story is narrated throughout the movie by Princess Aurora herself.

Princess Aurora: “ I know you’re there, don’t be afraid”

Maleficent: “(wicked laugh) I am not afraid”

Princess Aurora: “Then come out!”

Maleficent: “Then you’ll be afraid”

Indeed, this movie will bring chills to your spin as Angelina Jolie brought such a great performance to the movie playing the main character Maleficent. From her evil laughter, posture, spells and even to her green glowing emerald eyes has brought the meaning of wicked and magic to the movie. Almost every scene in the movie was dark with shadows, green mist, fogs and also they were filled with enchantments, spells, and magical creatures.


Others characters and main actors of the movie were Princess Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, Stefan, played by Sharlto Copely, Diaval, played by Sam Riley, Young Maleficent, played by Ella Purnell, and also Younger Aurora, played by Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt. Having Angelina Jolie daughter play along side her in the movie was significant in not only having her to show her acting genes, but played a small leading role in bringing a great performance to the movie as well.


Some of the creatures and magical fairies in the movie ranges from small to big and some were good or bad in the Kingdom of the Moors. The setting and lighting in the movie was well chosen as it is filmed on great landscapes portraying natures beautiful and even dark sides. The songs played throughout the movie fit every scene from happy to sad. The song that stand out was artist Lana Del Ray, “Once Upon a Dream”, which brought about a dark haunting effect to the movie, but it was well suited for this film genre of wickedness and fantasies.

Certain scenes in the movie will surprise you as Maleficent shows forgiveness and love for Princess Aurora. As stated by Princess Aurora ~ “The Kingdom was united by a hero and villain.” Although Maleficent actions of vengeance and anger blinded her she soon realize at the end that love conquers all. Not only will the children enjoy this movie, but adults will as well because it will bring memories of their very own childhood stories to life and make them believe in magic and fairy tales all over again.