NewNewsNews: Microsoft Announces HoloLens

The future of Microsoft technology is called Microsoft HoloLens.  According to Polygon, the HoloLens is “the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen,” onstage. The HoloLens uses see-through lenses, spatial sound to hear behind you and advanced sensors. It includes built-in high-end CPU and GPU and a third processor, a holographic processing unit. Holograms are universal apps and all universal apps can be made to work with Windows holographic, Kipman added. The headset is untethered does not include wires or require a connection to a phone or PC. Windows 10 includes a set of APIs devs can use to create holographic experiences. No need to continue to read check out the demo below. I think I need one ASAP. I wish I knew how to design things though.